Location: Floor 3, Moc Gia Building (M.G), 24A Bau Cat 2 Street, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Who we are

SparkMinds is a Software Development Outsourcing firm delivering IT solutions and services such as Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Web/App Implementation, and Dedicated Resources Hiring...With a deep understanding of modern technologies, secured processes, and expertise in many business industries, we have implemented many successful projects, especially in Blockchain technology.

 vision and mission

  • Vision

Here at SparkMinds, we aim to become a reliable companion to partners and ranked as the most trusted software outsourcing firm in Vietnam, where clients benefit from the most cost-effective, high-quality and sustainable software development services. 

  • Mission

By putting efforts into developing the company culture and ensuring product quality, each of the SparkMinds’  individuals is taking step-by-step of gaining speed, remaining responsibility, and attaining sustainability through valuable contribution plus extraordinary dedication. 

Core Values & Working Culture

At SparkMinds, our Executive Board does believe that “Culture does not make people. People make culture.", because people are one of the “keys”, and the foundation for building culture in the organization. Changes in corporate culture will always have a significant impact on employees, directly or indirectly. Therefore,  SparkMinds always tries to bring real values/benefits to staff to drive change. We value the good qualities of each individual in the collective, and always strive to build an efficient, healthy competition in working environment with the best encouraging welfare, in order to help personnel to be aware of their role and mission, promote growth as well as rise the value of the enterprise up. 

In the process of building a corporate culture based on the three core values proposed, the Executive Board has encountered significant obstacles in evaluating the level of effectiveness because the corporate Culture is not a tangible thing. Continuously testing, projecting and self-reflecting, we always monitor and ensure that the corporate culture always develops in line with the strategic goals set and always in the spirit of innovation to be able to update the latest trends. 

Gain Speed

  • Achievements by speed in work
  • Work Smarter, not harder

Maintain Determination

  • Never thought of giving up

Remain Responsibility

  • Individuals commit to their words

Attain Sustainability

  • Values to both customters and staff

Key Members

We are a team of amazing people with endless eagerness, enthusiasm, and broad-mindedness.