Our Working Culture

Culture does not make people, people make culture

By putting efforts into developing a company culture and ensuring product quality, each of the SparkMinds’  individuals is taking step-by-step of gaining speed, remaining responsibility, attaining sustainability through valuable contribution plus extraordinary dedication. 

Achievements By Speed In Work

One of SparkMinds’ unique core values comes from achieving speed in work. Due to the specific feature and the constant change of the technology market, we require employees to adapt quickly, operate productively, and adapt in a timely manner, both in the internal working environment and working directly with partners/customers. Having a young human resources team, always willing to learn and face challenges is the biggest factor contributing to building a solid foundation for this core value.

  • The 2-Minute Rule:  

David Ailen’s "Getting Things Done": “If a job can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it right away.” It can be considered to be an extremely simple method for solving tasks, helping employees to minimize delays, avoid resistance and ensure mental health in the workplace.  

At SparkMinds, we not only inspire to complete internal work, we also emphasize responsiveness to each request or problem from the customer. With positive feedback and responsive solutions, customers will be set assuredly.

  • Pareto 80/20 Rule:  

The 80/20 ratio is the golden key to build a focused strategy in our business. According to the famous economist Vilfredo Pareto, 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. SparkMinds encourages staff to focus their efforts on 20% to make more difference, instead of 80% not bringing many benefits. We always aim to spend time and effort in about the final 20% of each project to review output quality assurance.

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder  

We also foster a culture of productivity and efficiency, encouraging our staff to work smart and diligently. We strongly emphasize the importance of optimizing productivity while maintaining a strong work ethic. Our team is encouraged to find innovative ways to work smarter, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in their tasks. By promoting a culture of intelligent and dedicated work, we strive for continuous improvement and exceptional outcomes.

Never Thought Of Giving Up

Every staff is required to not give up on any requirements when received.  


Difficulties are challenges which we must choose to “ride or die”. It’s the moment when you can prove your competencies, courage, and bravery; gain more experiences; and achieve recognition from others.

At SparkMinds, we uphold a relentless commitment to never giving up on any requirements we receive. We firmly believe that challenges and difficulties are opportunities for personal and professional growth. Instead of shying away from tough tasks, we choose to confront them head-on, demonstrating our competencies, courage, and bravery. These moments of adversity allow us to gain invaluable experiences and earn recognition from both our clients and peers.

That is so, for a friendly reminder, here at SparkMinds, when you or your colleagues get extremely struggling with tough tasks from the clients, recall this quote!

Individuals Commit To Their Words

Through this culture, everyone at SparkMinds will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own words. When a SparkMinds’ individual states or commits to something with anyone, including customers, colleagues, managers, staff, or even janitors..., he must follow his word and take action. If he is in charge of certain difficult duties, he may not commit to anything, but he will do his best to do tasks with a can-do and willing-to-learn attitude.

At SparkMinds, we foster a culture that places a strong emphasis on accountability and integrity. We firmly believe that every individual within our organization should take full responsibility for their words and actions. Whether it is a commitment made to a customer, a colleague, a manager, or even a janitor, we expect our team members to honor their commitments and follow through with concrete actions.

We understand the significance of keeping one's word and the impact it has on building trust and maintaining strong relationships. Therefore, when an individual at SparkMinds makes a commitment or states something, it is not merely empty rhetoric but a genuine promise that they are obliged to fulfill. We encourage an environment where words are backed by action, ensuring that our team members uphold their commitments with utmost sincerity.
Furthermore, we recognize that there may be challenging tasks or responsibilities that require special expertise or effort. In such cases, rather than making unrealistic commitments, we encourage our team members to approach these tasks with a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn. By adopting this approach, they strive to deliver their best efforts and continually improve their skills to successfully tackle complex assignments.

This culture of accountability and follow-through serves as the cornerstone of our organization, enabling us to build strong relationships, deliver exceptional results, and foster a sense of trust and reliability among our team members and partners.

Profit's Not the Only Thing

Profit for the organization includes not only money but also customer pleasure, and employee happiness at work. 

The fact that the number of devoted clients grows year after year throughout the company's growth path is one of the clearest confirmations of the SparkMinds team's efforts. As a result of this, our people have gained more practical experience across a wide range of sectors with each project. Because our aim is to assist and accompany clients from A to Z, we always strive to develop the greatest and most appropriate product or service for each customer. SparkMinds is dedicated to being not just the most ambitious implementor, but also the most dedicated consultant to your company. 

Earnings for each employee include not only income but also job satisfaction, personal experience, and even achievement of themselves.
With the belief that a business is truly sustainable only when parallelly provides educational value to the staff besides profit. At SparkMinds, employees are involved in training courses for professional skills, soft skills in the workplace, internal discussion events, and team-building/tourism activities...They are always given opportunities to express their colorful identity and improve themselves. 

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