a product guarantee of satisfaction

Quality Management

Through these practices, we guarantee the delivery of reliable, secure, and high-performing solutions that meet your exact requirements.

a product guarantee of satisfaction

Quality Gates

Upon receiving Sprint Backlogs, the Development Team initiates the implementation process and ensures adherence to all quality gates before release.

Quality Gate 1: Code Scanner

Prior to merging and deploying the code, the system utilizes the SonarQube tool for code scanning, reviewing coding conventions, best practices, identifying bugs, and other issues. The developer is responsible for addressing all SonarQube findings before proceeding to Quality Gate 2.

Quality Gate 1
Quality Gate 2
Reviewing... 40%

Quality Gate 2: Code Review

Before merging and deploying the code, it undergoes review and approval by another developer to detect potential problems related to coding logic or any impact on other functionalities.

Quality Gate 3: Basic Check

This involves a checklist of features that must be completed for each function. The Business Analyst creates the checklist based on the Acceptance Criteria, ensuring that no criteria are missed. Prior to code review, the developer must confirm the successful completion of the Basic Check for the respective function.

Quality Gate 3
Checking... 60%
Quality Gate 4
Testing... 80%

Quality Gate 4: Testing

Once functions are deployed to the staging environment, the testing team evaluates their quality. They utilize pre-defined test cases, project experience, and specific testing techniques to assess the function’s quality. At the conclusion of the testing process, a final assessment is made to determine whether the function is eligible to proceed to Quality Gate 5.

Quality Gate 5: Sprint Review and
Functionality Release Decision

At the end of each Sprint, the Product Owners and Stakeholders review the completed features/functions during the Sprint Review meeting. Based on these discussions, the Product Owner, in consultation with the Stakeholders, decides which functionalities will be released to production and which require further updates.

Quality Gate 5
Process Completed! 100%

Note: In exceptional cases, it may be possible to bypass certain Quality Gates and deploy directly to the Production environment. However, this decision must be agreed upon by the Product Owner and communicated to all relevant parties.

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